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Comprehensive Roof Repair Services in Dallas

From time to time, roof repairs are a necessity for your roofing system. From shingle and concrete tile roofs to slate, metal, and flat roof repairs, you can count on Meyer’s Pride to understand your roofing needs. We will make the necessary repairs quickly and correctly to get your roof back to working properly.

Patching Flat Roof

Roof leak evedence
Rusty Roof Vent

Roof Leak Repair Services

When roof leaks happen, Meyer’s Pride is here to fix the problem with a quick response. We take pride in our responsive problem-solving. We won’t just fix the leak and leave; we will assess the problem and find the source of the issue. We target the root cause of your leak, inspect your roof, and make suggestions to improve the overall health of your roofing system.

Comprehensive Roof System Care

Your roof is more than the shingles that cover it; your roof is an entire system that works together to protect your home. From the shingles and materials that cover the roof, to the underlayments, ventilation, gutters, and more. When one part of the system is not working properly, it is vital to have it repaired in a timely manner, so that the issue doesn’t lead to a bigger problem occurring down the road.

Expert Storm Damage Repair Services

Storms can unfortunately take a toll on your property, and often your roof takes the brunt of the damage. When a shingle blows off or water intrusion happens, it’s imperative that you are responsive in your action and don’t put off your repair. When a storm occurs, it’s important to call Meyer’s Pride to come out and inspect your property, so we can work promptly to make the necessary repairs to keep your roof functioning properly.

We will help to guide you through the insurance process in order to repair your storm damage and get your roof back to its normal healthy state.

Your roof’s manufacturer’s warranty can be voided if storm damage is left unreported and not properly fixed. Don’t risk losing your manufacturer’s warranty because you don’t think the damage is significant enough to fix. Even the smallest amount of damage can lead to larger issues when left unaddressed. At Meyer’s Pride, we understand what storm damage looks like, and will do a thorough inspection after the storm to assess your roof. If we find damage that needs to be repaired, we will report back to give you the next steps in the process to get your roof repair underway.

Spot on roof in need of repair
Worn out roofing
Cedar shakes in need of repair


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